Conference Rooms

In today’s modern workforce, with companies now supporting remote employees along with essential in-office staff, conference room equipment needs to be reliable and secure. Simplex can provide you with Zoom rooms, Teams Rooms, Huddle Rooms or and thing else you might need from video and audio support, to networking, and reliable support.


At Simplex we take networking very seriously. Networking is your link to everything and having a reliable, secure network is a must. We use enterprise grade networking equipment to ensure a reliable network that will meet your needs and more.

Access Control

Control of who you have coming and going from your buildings or interior secure spaces is a must. A Simplex we make that easy with the best software systems and reliable hardware. Your facilities have never been more secure.


A video surveillance system / CCTV from Simplex is composed of a system of cameras, monitors/display units, and recorders. Cameras may be either analog or digital with a host of possible features that meet our customer’s needs. Our systems can be applied to both interior and exterior areas of a home, building, or property.

Security Systems

Simplex business security includes security hardware placed strategically around your building or property for the best coverage possible. Security hardware can include doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, and security camera systems.