Lighting Control Systems

A lighting control system creates the ability for all of a home’s lighting to be controlled together. For instance, one button press can turn on six dimmers, each to the ideal brightness for the task at hand, whether it is relaxing with a book, watching a movie, or cleaning. At Simplex lighting is one of our favorite things to do for a customer. You use the lighting in your in your home every day therefore eliciting the best customer experience we can provide.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures and Circadian lighting is the concept that electric light can be used to support human health by minimizing the effect of electric light on the human circadian rhythm. … At present, there are three electric light approaches to implementing a circadian lighting system: intensity tuning, color tuning, and stimulus tuning.

It can also be used to set the mood in a room, accentuate art, decorations, or an architectural feature.

Landscape Lighting

At Simplex we pride ourselves in designing beautiful lighting systems that highlight your home or business and its surroundings. The visual experience of lighting that is done properly leaves lasting impressions.